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Risk Management

Risk Management

Physical product & country risks:

  • In-depth product knowledge.
  • Continuous monitoring of global supply and demand.
  • 3rd party control of all storage facilities – bank approved CMA locations.
  • Comprehensive insurance policy from global leading underwriters.

Counter party risk management:

  • Approval of all trading limits by counterparty.
  • Strong MIS for reporting of counter party risk status.


Risk management is an integrated part of business planning operational execution of the company’s strategy and to support the business in achieving financial targets.

Price risk management:

  • Defined business limits
  • Defined open position limits
  • Reporting of marked to market.
  • Defined country limits by products.
  • Defined global product positions
  • Balanced pie of downstream distribution with midstream and upstream business

Legal risk management of executed business terms:

  • Defined contract terms for all aspects approved by relevant underwriters and lawyers.

IT & Systems security risks

  • In-house IT team for systems security
  • In-house Business Intelligence team developing online platform for risk management and control.