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Our Aviation division has been a supplier of Rotary and Fixed Wing Aircraft spares and accessories in this region since 1982. Supported by numerous multinational aviation companies from both the U.S.A. and Europe, our extensive network of strategic alliances enables us to support both the commercial and military aviation industry. Since the inception of this division our dedicated team of experienced and qualified personnel has taken this division to greater heights in the international aviation market.

Over the years, we have strongly strengthened and are uniquely supported by numerous suppliers/manufacturers all over the world. Our division can transact and support all Military and Commercial Aircraft needs within the framework of the governing Rules and Regulations of international trade laws. As a result of these alliances, our product line is not specialized within a given manufacturer, airframe nor product classification. We have a vast capability in providing complete spares and repair/overhaul support for a wide range of aircraft components and engines.


NGS GROUP Energy sector was initially founded in 2007 as a merchant of crude oil and oil products. By combining our regional market knowledge with global logistics we have earned a reputation for reliably acquiring, marketing and moving energy commodities from areas of surplus to those with greatest demand. We have strategically invested in upstream, midstream and downstream assets to create a platform for international expansion. Our investments and wholly-owned assets provide greater control over commodity sourcing and distribution, create a foundation for diversified income streams, and give us a significant competitive advantage in the worldwide marketplace especially from the CIS counties.

We are actively on the market of the Former Soviet Union, carrying out the operations on import of Russian's, Kazakhstan's and Turkmenistan's crude oil and oil products to the Far East and Japanese internal market. We are convinced that crude oil and oil products trading on the worldwide market is due mainly to the interaction with the world known companies, providing them with transportation and insurance services according to world standards.


Our team of associates are in different parts of the world. We are reputable producers of oilfield drilling fluid services. We provide specialty products and innovative solutions to enhance the drilling operations in the oil and gas industry.

We combine creative chemistry with advanced engineering expertise offering innovative drilling fluid chemicals and technologies. With our trend setting R&D supported by a strong technical support network, we help maximize the productivity and cost-efficiency of drilling operations.

We provide a wide range of products and ensuring its performance at the highest level and optimize operational efficiency for our customers meeting all necessary requirements We take into consideration of delivering our products from a manufacturing centre that is close to our client.


Our associate machine shops are in different parts of the world. The machine shop located in Singapore is a reputable complete solution for oil and gas industry. Our specialization is in Wellhead Pressure Control & Flow Control Equipment Completion Products, Wire-line Tools and Coiled Tubing Tools, Sub Sea Products, Crossovers, Quick Release mechanism, Recertification and Rental Services. We have capability to Designing and Manufacturing Oilfield Products per customer requirement.

We are a highly motivated establishment in providing a complete solution for Oil & Gas Industry, with highest quality, safety and reliability standard. We maintain a quality system that meets the requirements of ISO9001 and API Q1 standard. Our system identifies and defines the processed needed for the quality management system and controls of those processes, thus providing our customers the confidence that the design, manufacturing and servicing of our products are performed in a well-defined and controlled environment.

Our machine shop has certifications such as OHSAS, ISO:9001,18001, ISO 14001, API 6A, 141, 11B, 17D.

Drilling & Cementing Equipment

We Design, Manufacture and supply of a comprehensive range of highest quality Downhole Drilling & Cementing equipment. Some of the products we manufacture are “Hydraulic / Mechanical Seeing equipment, Rotating & Non-rotating Liner Hangers, Stage Cementing Collars, Float Shoes & Collars, Retrievable Bridge Plugs, Cement Retainers, Milling & Retrieving Tools, Cementing Heads, Centralizers and Stop Collars.

Our partnering facility is an API-5ct, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001 certified premises. Our quality systems in place for design, planning, manufacturing and quality monitoring & traceability to ensure our products meets the highest quality & reliability Standards.


Our specialist recruitment agency provide teams and individuals with niche technical skills to clients for their jobs in the oil and gas industry.

We provide our clients quality, competent personnel. Engaging the best candidate for the jobs is our speciality. We work with experienced industry personnel for areas such as Well Testing, Coiled Tubing, Slickline and Drilling operation. Other specialist disciplines like divers, diving management specialist, Project Manager, Engineers and Subsea specialist.

We work with clients and candidates in over 30 countries to provide specialist staff for oil and gas jobs as consultant.


Our team of associates provide specialist for Oil Field Services and IT Solutions. Our IT team was established in Singapore in 2013 to deliver professional IT services and provide software development services covering end to end IT solutions for various industries meeting the need of the contemporary digital world. We have experienced, committed and dedicated professional teams to deliver IT solutions and services for global business community in various verticals. We have a wide experience in providing IT Services and Solutions on any business Infrastructure, Cloud hosting and Software Development services. We have track record of successfully developed solutions that helped our clients to digitized their operations and elevated their brand awareness together with print materials that clearly communicated their professionalism and help them achieve their marketing goal.


Our team of associates are Engineering Services and Specialty Consulting company focused on meeting global demand for High-end, Safe Design solutions. Our integrated service covers Engineering, Consulting, Training and Asset management in the field of Oil & Gas (Onshore and Offshore), Power, Petrochemical Healthcare and Information Technology. We have successfully completed topside engineering and EPF projects.

We have developed cloud-based software for Risk Assessment, EPC Cost Estimation, Document Management System, Work-Flow Automation, Corrosion evaluation, HAZOP / HAZID studies and Process Design Calculations.